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A while ago I tried to make Almond Paste Cookies, but with definitely unsatisfying results… After so much hard work, I got good almond cookies, yes, good, but not nearly as delicious as the Almond Paste Cookies I’ve always eaten in Sicily. Strongly disappointed with not having been able to make his favorite cookies for may spouse, who uses to deliberately search Sicilian pastry shops to buy them, I started searching for a new recipe. For months I haven’t tried, lest being disappointed again. Anyway, last weekend I had a fervid cookie-baking day, I got started and tried this new recipe. Easier done than said! I made the cookies, let them rest the whole night (this is a crucial step, so that they will keep their shape in the oven)… On Sunday morning my first thought was baking the cookies… 8 minutes later, the whole house smelled nicely almondy, my cookies were ready and I only had to taste! I don’t know if you have ever tasted the delicious Almond Paste Cookies they sell in Sicily, that melt into your mouth, with a slightly crunchy shell and a tender core, so delicate and mild that once you taste them you just can’t stop eating… Well, this is the recipe to make them, even better, because slightly less sweet and more delicate!

Let’s talk about the gimmick for a successful recipe:
1) You shoul use high-quality peeled almonds (and NOT almond flour!), to blend in a mixer together with the sugar
2) Once you’ve made your cookies, they must rest for at least 10-12 hours before baking
3) You should bake them in pre-heated ove, for not longer than 8-10 minutes: they should stay light, just golden
4) Your Almond Paste Cookies will taste even better the next day
5) You can store them for several days in a airtight container

If you are fond of Almond Paste Cookies, do try this recipe, and doble the quantity, as I was barely able to taste them before they vanished! 😛
My cookies week has come to an end, have a sweet weekend, and read you on Monday for the next recipe… Next week only salty recipes, I promise 😉

Ingredients for 20-25 cookies:
200 g of peeled almonds albuterol price
200 g of sugar
50 g of egg whites
1 tsp of vanilla flavor
50 g of candied cherries
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Preparation Time: 5 min.
Baking Time: 10 min.
Total Time: 15 min. + 10-12 hours for resting

How to make Almond Paste Cookies

Finely chop the peeled almonds with the sugar: you need a sort of fine flour.
Add the egg white and the vanilla flavor and knead to combine evenly.

The dough should be quite firm.

Put the dough in a pastry bag with a star-shaped nozzle, and make the cookies on an oven tray covered with waxed paper.

Decorate each almond cookie with a half candied cherry (or some different candied fruit), or a shell almond.

Let dry your cookies for the whole night (or for at least 10 hours), so that the cookies won’t lose their shape while cooking.
Next morning, pre-heat the oven at 180°C and bake for about 8/10 minutes.

Pay attention to the baking time: they shoul be just slightly golden and still soft, so that you’ll have delicate, friable cookies, with a soft, tender almond heart.
Let the Almond Paste Cookies cool down on the tray before serving.

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