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Arugula Pesto is a type of sauce I wanted to try. Instead of pine nuts, I used almonds, and the result was pungent and yet sweet. You can use this sauce as a pasta dressing, by thinning it with some pasta cooking water. Or else, you can spread it on some toasted bread. Or even use it to season salads. Anyway, it will enrich your dishes with a mild but unique taste.
You can make a large amount of this pesto and then freeze it in single-portion containers. That’s what I do whan I make pesto sauce, in order to have it for the whole winter 😛

Short personal digression: I’m expecting my baby girl within a month. Everything is ready, the baby’s clothes is freshly ironed, my bag for the hospital is is packed, crib, pram etc. are ready, furniture is arriving on next Monday… so I’ve been able to book a relaxing week at the seaside. I’m so glad I’ve been able to make it all so fast… now I can start countdown 😛

Ingredients for 4 servings:
100 g of arugula
buy Premarin 50 g of almonds
30 g of pecorino
30 g of parmesan
1 clove of garlic
Retin-A no prescription 150 ml of extra-virgin olive oil

Preparation Time: 15 min
Total Time: 15 min

How to make Arugula Pesto

Clean arugula, wash and dry it, put aside.
In a mixer, put almonds, pecorino, parmesan, garlic and 50 ml of oil.

Blend it till getting a sauce.

Put this almond mixture aside, and place arugula inside the mixer. Start to blend it.

Slowly add the remaining 100 ml of oil.

Now add the almond mixture, and keep blending to combine.

Plan B online

Move your Arugula Pesto into a bowl, wrpa with some plastic wrap and store up to a few days in the fridge.

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Arugula Pesto
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Arugula Pesto

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