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Here you have my recipe to make Baked Pasta! This is one of my favorite dishes, because I can make it in advance, it is easy to make, and usually everybody likes it 😛
Like for any other recipe of this kind (lasagna, cannelloni, etc…), each family has its own recipe: somebody uses to add ricotta, someone else white sauce, somebody uses to add mini meatballs, someone else doesn’t, etc… This the version I prefer: with plenty of mini meatballs inside, slurp!

Ingredients for 8 servings:
600 g of tortiglioni or another short pasta shape
1200 ml of tomato purée
1 kg of pork ground meat
500 g Aciclovir without prescription of diced mozzarella
100 g of grated parmesan
2 eggs
2 slices of loaf bread
Propranolol best prices black pepper
evo oil

Tempo di preparazione: 1 hour and 20 min.
Tempo di cottura: 40 min.
Tempo totale: 2 hours

Let’s start by making a meat ragu sauce: pan-fry in a generous amount of oil 700 gr of pork ground meat.


Add the tomato purée, salt, and cook with the lid on for at least 1 hour.


Now let’s make mini meatballs with the remaining ground meat.
Let soak the bread in some water. In a bowl, combine the meat with 1 egg, 20 gr of parmesan, the squeezed bread, and some salt and pepper.


Amalgamate evenly, then wet your hands with some water and start making the meatballs (about 1 inch of diameter).


Now pan-fry them with some evo oil.


Once ready, let them drain on some blotting paper and put them aside.

Propranolol best prices polpettinedicarne.JPG

Cook pasta in a large pot of boiling salted water, at a rolling boil, following the cooking time reported on the package. Drain when still quite firm, it will finish cooking in the oven.
Put pasta in a large bowl together with half of your ragu sauce, 3/4 of mozzarella, 3/4 of parmigiano, and stir evenly.

At last, add in the meatballs as well.

Put some sauce on the bottom of a baking pan and pour pasta inside. Cover with the remaining sauce, mozzarella and parmesan.

Slightly beat the remaining egg, and pour it over your pasta, then bake at 180°C for about 40 minutes or until nicely golden.

Let cool down for a few minutes, then slice and serve your Baked Pasta.


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Baked Pasta
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Baked Pasta

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