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Battered Mussels are a fancy appetizer very easy to make. At home, we use to make them for New Year’s Eve dinner, together with other fried seafood, like seaweed fritters, of fried prawns and squids. But mussels, of course, are at their best during summer, so I made them a few nights ago for a dinner on the terrace, served together with some cold sparkling wine 😉
I leave you too the recipe of beer-battered mussels and wish you a great Sunday! No seaside for me, I’m making countdown for my vacation;) Kisses!

Ingredients for 4 servings Accutane online order Premarin online :
1 kg of mussels
70 g of flour
100 ml of beer
1/2 tsp of olive oil
5 g of salt

seed oil

Preparation Time: 30 min
Cooking Time: 10 min
Total Time: 40 min

How to make Battered Mussels

Clean mussels by removing debris and beards, then wash them thoroughly under fresh running water (see the guide to clean them properly).
Place them in a pan, with lid on, and cook untill they opens.

Battered Mussels (1)

Make the batter by combining in a bowl flour, (olive) oil, salt, chopped parsley and beer.

Battered Mussels (5)
Battered Mussels (6)

Shell mussels and put them in the bowl with beer batter.

buy Plan B Battered Mussels (8)

Gently stir to cover mussels with batter. Then take one mussel at a time and fry them in a pan with hot (seed) oil.

Battered Mussels (9)

Let them goldn, then lifth them and place them on a dish covered with some blotting paper.

Battered Mussels (10)

Serve hot, with some lemon slices.

Battered Mussels


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Battered Mussels
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Battered Mussels

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