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Here in Italy, we associate Epiphany with Befana, a kind old woman who brings gifts and treats to good children and is often portrayed similarly to a witch, while riding a broomstick. So… Would you like to make a fancy appetizer for your Epiphany lunch? Just buy some pretzel sticks, a few Kraft singles and some chives scapes, and you’ll be able to make these nice Befana’s mini Brooms. They’re too cute not to make them 😉
Well, my friends, I don’t know there, but here in Naples (Italy) it’s non-stop rainy, so all my plans for the weekend have failed… But I don’t give up, and still hope that tomorrow will be sunny and we will be able to have a trip nearby the city… Meanwhile, I’ll take advantage from the sales and make some shopping, to console myself 😉
I’ll leave you to my mini-brooms, many kisses!

Ingredients for 16 brooms:
16 pretzel sticks
buy Tadalafil online 4 single cheese slices Purchase Retin-A
buy Accutane online chives

Preparation Time: 10 min.
Total Time: 10 min.

How to make Befana’s Brooms

Use scissors to cut each cheese slice, still wrapped, into 4 smaller squares. Then, for each smaller slice, make more cuts on one side (just getting till the half of the square), to create a sort of fringe.
Now gently unwrap the cheese, place each stick on an uncut side, and wrap the cheese around the stick. Secure with a chive scape.

1 scpe della befana

Do the same with the remaining cheese slices, Fate la stessa cosa con gli altri quadrati di formaggio poi servite le Scope della befana

scopine della befana

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Befana’s Brooms
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Befana’s Brooms

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