Brazilian Cuisine is strictly connected to the history of the country. You will actually find native recipes mixed up with African and Portuguese influence.

The most used ingredients are tapioca, potatoes, fish, meat, nuts, local fruit (pineapple, pawpaw, mango, coconut, tamarind and common guava), rice, legumes, crustaceans… for a diversified and unique mix of tastes.

The most typical Brazilian dish is feijoada, a single course made with black beans, rice and meat. Meat is often barbecued and cut into shreds (churrasco). Dishes are often seasoned with coconut oil and orange-colored thanks to dendê (palm oil). Fish, above all cod or crustaceans, is served dried or accompanied by a rice flavored with garlic, olives and/or tomatoes. Finally, I should definitely mention Brazilian desserts, like maizena cookies, brigadeiros, beijinho, and condensed milk cake.

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