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Goodmorning everybody! I sow this nice appetizers in Alice cucina magazine a few months ago, and I thought immediately they would be amazing for Christmas Eve dinner. So I made and tasted them, and here they are!
This is an easy-peasy recipe, so even if you have no time, you can still bring something fancy on your table.
I’ve used Philadelphia cream cheese, but any cream cheese should fit. Also, I’ve passed the balls into crushed almonds and pistachios, but of course you can top them with anything you prefer.
Well, I hope this can help you to plan your meal 😉
Kisses and have a good day!
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Ingredients for 12 balls:
12 grapes
125 g of philadelphia
1 tbsp of parmesan
20 g of crushed almonds Buy Fluoxetine
20 g of crushed pistachios

Preparation Time: 10 min.
Total Time: 10 min.

How to make Cheese Grape Balls

Put cream cheese ad parmesan in a bowl and stir evenly.

1 crema per palline di uva al formaggio

Start to shape the resulting cream into balls.

2 formare palline di uva al formaggio

Push a grape inside…

3 aggiungere uva al formaggio

… and close again the ball.

4 chiudere palline di uva al formaggio

Roll half of your Cheese Grape Balls in the crushed almonds, and the second half in the crushed pistachios.

5 passare palline nella granella

Store in the fridge till the last moment, then prick each of them with a toothpick, and serve.


Palline di uva al formaggio

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Cheese Grape Balls
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Cheese Grape Balls

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