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Chicken Wraps are a fancy dish made with tortilla, pita or piadina rolled up around a filling of chicken, vegetables and sauces. It can be served just rolled up, like Greek pita, or even rolled up and then sliced.
For my Chicken Wraps, I seasoned chicken with lime and pink pepper, I added lattuce and carrots, crispy bacon and sour cream… yum-tum!
Since it is a cold dish, you can bring it for your office lunch, or even – why not! – on the beach 😉 Beach… I love that word! Now that Elisa’s school is over I’d like to leave it all, take her to some sea place, and dedicate my time to her… but I still have a few weeks of work ahead, for now I can only take advantage of weekends, if the weather allows it. Just think, when I was a child I used to have 3 months of vacation: my grandparents had a small house at the seaside, my mom, my sister and I used to move ther from June to September, while my dad used to commute… Damn modern life routinrhythm 😉
Well, I leave you to the recipe to make Chicken Wraps, kisses :-*

Ingredients for 4 servings:
4 piadinas
500 g of chicken
80 g of bacon
100 g of lettuce
1 carrot
1 lime
salt order Premarin online
pink pepper
purchase Indocin online 150 g of sour cream

Preparation Time: 15 min
Cooking Time: 15 min
Total Time: Zithromax to sale 30 min

How to make Chicken Wraps

Warm up tortillas (or piadina), one at a time, on a non-sticky pan, both sides.

Chicken Wraps 1

Season chicken slices with lime juice, salt, and pepper, and cook in another pan.

Chicken Wraps 5

Roast both sides of bacon slices on a grill.

Chicken Wraps 0

Now let’s start to assemble your Chicken Wraps.
Wash and cut lettuce. Clean carrot and grate it with a coarse grater. Place a piadina on a plate and put some lettuce and carrots over it.

Chicken Wraps 7

Cut chicken in stripes and add it onto piadina.

Chicken Wraps 6
Chicken Wraps 8

Add a couple of bacon slices and 2-3 tsp of sourcream.

Chicken Wraps 10

Roll piadina up around the filling.
Keep doing the same with the remaining piadinas.

Chicken Wraps 11
Chicken Wraps 12

Now you can wrap your Chicken Wraps with some aluminum and serve them, like Greek pita.

Chicken Wraps

Or else cut them and serve on a plate.

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Chicken Wraps
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Chicken Wraps

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