Christmas Eve Menu for dinner, according to Italian gastronomic traditions, involve above all fish-based dishes. For example, here in Campania typical dishes would be spaghetti with clams and scialatielli with seafood… But in different regions they would rather prepare “turf” first dishes, like baked timballo and lasagna, or tortellini and cappelletti. As per the second dishes, in Campania we use to eat eel, or fried drieed salt cod. In Naples we often eat olivier salad, broccoli with lemon, and insalata di rinforzo, a salad made with cauliflower, sweet peppers (papaccelle) and olives. And, of course, the desserts: small cassata cakes, mostaccioli, panettoni, pandori and dried fruits. In this section you will find appetizers, first and second courses, side dishes and desserts to compose your Christmas Eve Menu for dinner, with (mainly Neapolitan) traditional recipes.



First Courses

Second Courses

Side Dishes

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