Christmas menu, unlike the fish recipes fo Christmas Eve dinner, is mainly composed by meat and vegetable recipes. In Campania you can find tortellini in broth, or classical wedding soup, with escarole, chicory, meat and grana. In other regions they would rather eat soup of thistles or turnip and cotechino, or yummy baked timballi. As per second courses, you could find the meat with which the broth was prepared, or a roast beef, maybe with some insalata di rinforzo or broccoli with lemon from the previous night. At the end of the meal, there are the (many) desserts, of course. Almond paste cookies, frutta martorana (traditional Sicilian marzipan sweets, in the form of fruits), mostaccioli, panettoni, pandori and dried fruit. In this special day, you should plan a special menu!
In this section you will find some recipes to compose your Christmas menu from appetizer to dessert.


Second Courses

Side Dishes