Christmas Recipes are a lot, and vary from Country to Country or even region to region. Here in Italy, when we talk about Christmas, we mainly talk about pastries. In Italy the best-known ones are pandoro and panettone. But, also, cookies like biscotti or ricciarelli. In Naples we maily use to make struffoli, rococo cookies, mostacciuoli and divin amore.
Around the world, the best-known recipes are gingerbread men and house, and also, buche de Noel and the countless recipes to make spiced cookies, with honey and vanilla and cinnamon, etc.
At Christmas time there is a huge variety of different tastes, from typical fish dishes to more specific recipes (sometimes appreciated just by the more traditional people).
Anyway, here in Italy we have several important menus at Christmas time: Christmas’ Eve menu, Christmas menu, St. Stephan’s menu. And, also, New Year’s Eve menu and New Year day menu.
I will try and enrich this section with time. I will first add typical Neapolitan and Italian recipes, but not only, as I will also try and make recipes from around the world.

Here you can find the my Holiday Menus at Christmas Time.

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