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Coffee Cheesecake is a fresh and creamy dessert. I started from the recipe to make Coffee and Condensed Milk Semifreddo, added some Philadelphia cheese, and got a delicious coffee cheese cream. Even if my pregnancy is close to the end, and I’m taking my time, I still wand to cook, so I’ll keep posting my little experiments till the delivery day. Then, I promise, as soon as, back at home, I will have acquired a new balance with my little star, I’ll start again.
Well, my friends, Coffee Cheesecake is my Monday morning pastry to wish you a happy start of the week. XOX
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Ingredient sfor a 22 cm springform pan:
200 g of Digestive cookies
80 g of butter
400 g of philadelphia
200 ml of condensed milk
2 small cups of strong coffee
10 g of gelatin
200 ml of whipping cream
plain cocoa

Preparation Time: 30 min.
Total Time: 30 min. + 3 hours in the fridge

How to make Coffee Cheesecake

In a mixing bowl, combine crushed cookies with tepid melted butter.

Pour this mixture in a springform pan, compact till you have an even base, and store in the fridge for half an hour.

Let soak the gelatin in some cold water for a dozen minutes, then squeeze gently and dissolve in the coffee.

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In a large bowl, work cream cheese and condensed milk.

Add the tepid coffee, and stir.

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Whip the cream and incorporate into the cheese cream by stirring bottom-up with a wooden spoon.

Pour the coffee cream into the springform pan.

Level as much as you can, then refrigerate for at least 3 hours.

Then, springle with cocoa (you can mix it with some instant coffee too, if you like), then remove the sides of the pan.

Now you can slice and enjoy your creamy Coffee Cheesecake.

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Coffee Cheesecake
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Coffee Cheesecake

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