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I’ve tried and made Coffee Custard with a new technique I’ve seen on a magazine: I poured beated eggs with sugar and potato starch in hot milk and coffe… The result? A smooth and velvety custard, with which I’ve stuffed my grandfather’s cake!
This custard can also be eaten plain, as a creamy dessert, maybe with some cookies.
Try it and let me know 😛

Ingredients to stuff a 24 cm cake: Cheap Vermox
generic Colchicine 4 yolks
130 g of sugar
40 g of potato starch
300 g of milk
1 bean of vanilla
100 ml of strong coffee

Preparation Time: 10 min.
Cooking Time: 10 min.
Total Time: 20 min.

How to make Coffee Custard

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Let simmer milk in a saucepan with vanilla bean, then take away vanilla and add in coffee.

Torta al cioccolato e caffe 10

In a bowl, whisk yolks and sugar, then add the starch and combine evenly.

Torta al cioccolato e caffe 11

Now pour the mixture into the milk saucepan and stir.

Torta al cioccolato e caffe 12

Turn on the gas and cook, stirring every once and then.

Torta al cioccolato e caffe 13

As soon as it will get thicker, turn the gas off.

Torta al cioccolato e caffe 14

Pour your custard in a bowl and cover with some plastic wrap.

Crema pasticcera al caffe

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Coffee Custard
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Coffee Custard

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