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 How to Cook Common Lobster How to Cook Common LobsterIn this guide we’ll see How to Cook Common Lobster. It is a very appreciated crustacean, thanks to its savor, both rich and delicate. It has a large body with a hard exoskeleton and a large, asymmetrical pair of claws. It can be
 How to Clean Clams How to Clean ClamsCleaning clams is a crucial operation to make recipes like Spaghetti with Clams, Seafood Risotto, or Sautéed Clams, etc… If not, you could have an unpleasant eating experience, because of sand and debris, as well as risk a food poisoning.
 How to Stuff a Sponge Cake How to Stuff a Sponge CakeItalian Sponge Cake, was made for the first time by Giobatta Carbona, from Genoa, at mid-eighteenth century. It is amongst the best-known and most used base pastry recipes. It is a soft and smooth cake: with some cake syrup it
 How to Use Stale Bread How to Use Stale BreadUsing stale bread, above all in this economic period, is a must. Often, you can take the best ways from the old tradition and get inspiration from the old-fashioned recipes of your grannies. If you buy fresh bread during the
 How to Carve a Halloween Pumpkin How to Carve a Halloween PumpkinJack-o’-Lantern is THE Halloween symbol. In order to make it, you need to empty and carve a pumpkin, and put a lighted candle inside. The name Jack-o’-Lantern for curved pumpkins seems to have come from an old Irish legend about
 How to Clean Octopus How to Clean OctopusOctopus is a mollusk very used and appreciated in Italian cuisine, above all in Southern Italy. In order to clean octopus you just need to remove eyes, beak and innards. A crucial step to cook fresh octopus is tenderizing, so
 How to Clean Bell Peppers How to Clean Bell PeppersBell Pepper are native to Central America and South America. It is much appreciated all over the world, and of course so it is in Italy as well. Here in Italy, actually, it has become one of the main ingredients,
 How to Decorate a Cake with Sugar Paste How to Decorate a Cake with Sugar PasteSugar paste, also known as as sugar gum or gum paste, is a sugar dough used in pastry-making to decorate cakes. It is made with icing sugar, water, gelatin and glucose. It is white, but can be colored with food
 How to Clean Prawns How to Clean PrawnsPrawns and shrimps are very used in cooking. Their excellent flesh is quite mild and yet characteristic. It is enclosed in a hard shell. You can buy them both whole or cleaned, and use them in a wide range of
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