Jack-o’-Lantern is THE Halloween symbol. In order to make it, you need to empty and carve a pumpkin, and put a lighted candle inside.

The name Jack-o’-Lantern for curved pumpkins seems to have come from an old Irish legend about a Jack, a lazy blacksmith who sold his soul to the devil and then tricked Satan to make him primise that he would never take his soul. So, when he died, he found out he couldn’t be admitted to Heaven (because of his sins) nor to Hell (because of the pact). When he asked Satan how could he see where to go, Satan tossed him one of Hell unquenchable embers. So Jack carved out a turnip, his favorite food, to store the ember and have light. Since then, he is wandering the Earth for a resting place.
When irish people emigrated in North America, they brought their tradition and legend with them. SInce pumpkins were available in greater quantity then turnips, they replaced them.
This is how the carved pumpkin tradition was born, and since then it has become the most famous symbol of Halloween feast.

This year my sister and his boyfriend have decided to make a Jack-o’-Lantern, take a few pictures, and post everything on my blog… I must admit, they’ve done a magnificent job!

So, let’s see How to Carve a Halloween Pumpkin!

First and foremost, you need: a pumpkin, a tablespoon, a cutter, a pencil, a felt tip, 2 clean cloths, and a long and sharp knife.


Now use the pencil to draw face and lid of your pumpkin. Once you’re sure you like the draw, trace it with the felt tip.

zucca di halloween

Now cut along the edges of the lid with the cutter.

Then put the knife inside to remove the lid.

With the tablespoon, remove seeds, inner fibers and flesh (store the flesh, so that you can use later for cooking).
Remove any leftover inside, by scraping with the knife, then dry the inner part with a cloth.
(If you can, leave a flat surface on the bottom, in order to lay the candle.)

Now use the cutter to carve the face, by following the scetch you’ve done.

Once finished, rub your pumpkin with a ball of cotton wool soaked with spirit to remove any taces od the felt tip, then leave your pumpkin inside a plastic bag for one or two nights, so that it will dry a little.

Finally, put the candle inside, on the bottom, light the wick, and close the lid… and here you have your Jack-o’-lantern 😛