With this short guide, I’ll show you How to Clean Asparagus, trying to waste as few vegetable as possible.

Asparagus are the buds of a plant from Liliaceae family. The most common asparagus are green, but there also is a white variety, specifically cultivated with lack of light.

In order to recognize fresh asparagus, you should look at the base of the stalk: the cut area should not look wilt. They also should look straight and with no cracks, and with firm tops.

If you want to completely enjoy their taste and nutrients, you should eat them steamed. Otherwise, you may boil them, or cook with pasta.

Anyway, cleaning asparagus is a quite quick and easy operation… So, let’s see how to do that.

Remove the tougher base from the stalk.

With a potato peeler, remove the outer, tougher, green part, till getting at 1 or 2 inches from the top.

Now you can rinse your asparagus under fresh running water, and use them by following your recipe.