With this guide we’ll see, step by step, how to clean sole, with a proceeding you can also use to clean different fish, like European Plaice.
Sole is a kind of fish very useful for kids, as its flesh is tender and mild-tasting. Besides that, it is a versatile fish too, as you can make it in several different ways, and highly digestible, so grown-ups appreciate too.
In order to clean sole, you can wear gloves, if you prefer, but it’s not needed. With the following instructions, we will also indicate how to remove the skin, even if some people prefer to leave it, above alla if the flesh in very tender.

Let’s start by removing the caudal fin and then, with scissors, cut away the sides, along the backbone.

With a knife, make a cut near the tail, hold the skin and pull it away, towards the head.

Follow the same step to remove skin on the bottom side.

Now make a cut on the side to gut the sole. Rinse the fish thoroughly under fresh running water and drain. That’s hou you get your sole fillets ready for cooking.