Cleaning squids, just like cleaning fish, is one of those works considered really troublesome and tricky, but it is actually easier than it seems.
If you are a seafood lover, you definitely need to learn How to Clean Squids, so that you will be able to cook delicious recipes, like soups, fried dquids, stuffed squids, seafood salads, etc. In fact, once you’ve cleaned your squids, you can use them for any recipe you prefer. For example, you can leave them whole, if you want to stuff them, or cut into rings to fry them, and so on.

You can use the same proceeding to clean flying squid as well.

So, first and foremost, wash your squids under fresh running water.


Now grasp the head right behind the eyes, and pull, gently but steadily, forward, so that the internal organs slide out.
Remove the cartilage as well.


Remove the skin from the flesh and rinse the squids under running water. Take care not to break the tube.


Remove the beak from the head, with scissors.


Still with scissors, remove eyes and the surrounding part.


Rinse thoroughly under fresh running water, then you can use your squids according to the recipe you’re following.

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