In this guide we’ll see How to Cook Common Lobster. It is a very appreciated crustacean, thanks to its savor, both rich and delicate. It has a large body with a hard exoskeleton and a large, asymmetrical pair of claws. It can be up to 60 centimetres (24 in) long and weigh up to 6 kilograms (13 lb). Common Lobster is highly esteemed and quite expensive, even because it can’t be breed, but must be caught. That’s why knowing how to cook it is crucial, ot you risk to ruin the ita valuable flesh. proteine, sali minerali e vitamine.
So, let’s see How to Cook Common Lobster:

You can buy Common Lobster both fresh (alive) ore frozen. Ensure it is of good quality in both cases. For example, in case you buy it frozen, check the place of origin and the packaging date. In case you buy it fresh, choose a a fishmonger you can trust, and check it has bright colors.
Then you can store it in the fridge, wrapped with some plastic wrap or placed inside a food bag, up to 1 day. If you’ve bought a fresh lobster, you can decide to freeze it, both for storing reason, and to stun it and avoid to boil it alive. The savor won’t be affected by freezing.

There are a few tricks to enhance its flesh.
Boiling is the righter method. After boiling you can use it for your recipe. Moreover, by boiling it, it will be easier to remove the shell, and the risk to dent the flesh will be lower. If you have a frozen lobster (both if you bought it that way or if you’ve frozen it at home), before boiling you should place it for at least 30 minutes into a container with lukewarm water, in order to avoid a termal shock. Once the water is boiling, cook your lobster for 8-12 minutes, according to the weight and the recipe you’re following.
Then you can use your lobster for any recipe you want. For example to make a pasta dressing (linguine or spaghetti are great with lobster) or a risotto.
You can also use it just boiled, or grilled, to make a salad. You can even bake it.
Just don’t process it too much, or you’d cover, and so ruin, its mild taste.

You can serve it cut lenghtwise, or both lenghtwise and crosswise.