Italian Sponge Cake (pan di spagna) is a perfect base for many dessert. So, learning how to cut it in the right way is crucial in order to get more layers to stuff. Usually the main difficulty is getting smooth and equal layers. Actually, it is a quite simple operation, just requiring some practice and accuracy.
According to how high is your sponge cake, you can decide to cut it into two or threee layers.

First and foremost, let the cake cool down completely. You can even make it the day earlier, and cut and stuff it the next day.

You need two different knives: one with a sharp point, the other long and with a smooth blade.

Basically, you will have to follow two steps:

Take a serrated edge and “outline” the cake (draw a line along the outline): this will act as a rail to cut the layers. When you will follow it, getting two equal and smooth layers will be easy.


Now take the long knife, put one hand on the top of the cake (so that you will feel the blade progress) and start cutting from the rail. Take away the first layer and, if you need to, go on and cut the other layers.