Many traditional recipes and original tips for your Easter
Here in Italy Easter, just like Christmas, is one of those occasions when cooking is a must! As per Italian tradition, family has to gather… around the table! Preparation of typical Easter recipes has a strong Symbolic value, often bound to religion. Baked lamb or kid, or abbacchio a scottadito (literally, finger-burning lamb, so called as per tradition you should eat lamb chops by hand) are prepared as a symbol of sacrifice. Vegetables like artichokes, broad beans and green peas as a symbol of spring abundance. Eggs symbolize a new life, and that’s why they are reproposed with chocolate Easter eggs: pre-packaged or hand-made, they can’t miss, above all for kids, who can’t wait to discover the surprise inside the eggs! Another classic Italian Easter dessert is colomba di Pasqua (Easter dove), soft and flavored, made with flour, butter, eggs, sugar and candied fruit, and topped with an almon and sugar icing.

Every Italian region has its own culinary specialities, for everyday and holiday recipes, and this is especially true about desserts. Sicilian cassata (made with a sponge cake filled with sheep ricotta, chocolate chips and candied fruit, and covered with marzipan and sugar icing) is the highlight in Sicily. In Emilia Romagna, they have torta di riso (rice cake), made with rice, candied fruit (or chocolate), amaretti, almonds and Amaretto di Saronno. Here in Naples we have pastiera, made with a shortbread crus, filled with wheat grains, ricotta, orange flower water, candied fruit and pastry cream.

At Easter in Campania we really have plenty of typical recipes, so in this section you’ll find above all Neapolitan recipes, from casatiello and tortano (two king of very rich savory boundt cakes, made with cold cuts, eggs and cheeses), to savory pies, wedding soup, deep-fried artichokes, and sweet custard pizza (don’t worry, it’s not an actual pizza with custard: it’s just a pie!).
Easter recipes are definitely caloric (for some of them you’ll have to use lard!), so I strongly advise follow a low-calorie diet during the previous days!

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