English cuisine is in a way similar to food traditions of other countries of north Europe.

The typical breakfast is with eggs and bacon, sausages, buttered toasts, and jams.
At tea time you can find scones with butter and jam, and maybe some lemon curd, whipped cream or crème Anglaise, and/or sandwiches with Marmite and canapés with butter and cucumber or salmon.

English  cuisine is characterized by alternating meat and fish dishes.
Among meats, beef is mainly appreciated: roast beef is one of the meats traditionally served, with baked potatoes, horseradish sauce and steamed vegetables, at Sunday dinner. Stew or braised meat and game pies also are quite common.
As regards fish, the best-known dish is, of course, fish and chips, but they also eat, for example, salmon and eel.

Famous are puddings, like Yorkshire pudding and Christmas pudding. But, also, rhubarb crumble, tarts and muffins.

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