This is my Epiphany menu: from appetizer to dessert, I’ve chosen the best recipes.
Epiphany, as any other feast, has different specificities according to the region… Somewhere it is mainly connected to Nativity, so you’ll find above all recipes lent from Christmas menu. Somewhere else it is mainly associated to Carnival. In this case, a dish that can’t miss on your table is lasagna, in all of its variants.
As second course, by tradition you should use pork meat… so you could make Wiener schnitzels.┬áIn Puglia they usually make torcinelli, a sort of roasted roulades, made with spiced lamb guts. Befana stew is quite popular too, made with beef meat and diced pancetta, with cognac herbs and cocoa.
There are traditional desserts too. In Veneto they make pinza de la marantega, with polenta, raisins, spices and grappa. In Bologna, for all the Christmas period, you can find pinza bolognese a kind of brioche, flavored with mustard or with plum jam. Making torta della strega (witch cake), made with bananas and chocolate, will also be fine for Epiphany.
Following, you’ll find a choice of recipes, from appetizers to desserts, to plan your Epiphany menu in the best possible way.


Second Courses