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Fashion Zebra Cake is the cake I made for a bachelorette party, for Diletta, one of the girls who work with me. We planned a mini-party here at the pffice, and a cake was needed… I used a poud cake as a base, stuffed it with a chocolate mousse, covered it with sugar paste… and made this Fashion Zebra Cake! Then the girls and I decorated it with writings. I must admit, since we made it with some student’s spirit, I was unsure whether to post it on the blog or not… then I found a solution: here you have the recipe with a “cesured” final picture, so that I can feel less unconfortable 😉 But if you’re curious and want to see the uncensored pic, maybe to take inspiration from it, or just to have a good laugh, clic Proscar buy here.
I leave you to the recipe and wish you a sweet day, kisses :-*

Ingredients for a 22 cm cake pan: cheap Valtrex
4 eggs
240 g of sugar
240 g of butter
240 g of pastry flour
1 packet of baking powder
1 tsp of vanilla essence

250 ml of whipping cream
200 g di nutkao

200 ml of whipping cream
1 kg di sugar paste of different colours (I choosed black, white and pink)

Preparation Time: 1 hour
Baking Time: 40 min Order Retin-A online
Total Time: 1 hour and 40 min

How to make Fashion Zebra Cake

Whisk soft butter with sugar.

Pound Cake (1)

Add in eggs, one at a time, and vanilla.

Pound Cake (3)

Then add in flour and baking powder, sifted.

Pound Cake (5)

Combine till gettin an even mixture.

Pound Cake (6)

Pour it in a greased and floured pan.

Pound Cake (8)

Evenly level it with a spatula.
Bake at 180°C, in preheated static oven, for about 40 minutes.

Pound Cake (9)

Once ready, let it cool down completely.

Pound Cake (10)
Fashion Zebra Cake (1)

meanwhile, whip up the cream and gently incorporate nutkao. If nutkao is too thick, quick warm it up in a bain-marie.

Fashion Zebra Cake (3)
Fashion Zebra Cake (4)
Fashion Zebra Cake (5)

Layer the cake into 2 disks.
Place the first on on a platter and spread the mousse over it.

Fashion Zebra Cake (2)
Fashion Zebra Cake (6)
Fashion Zebra Cake (7)

Top the cake with the second disk. Slightly press to evenly distribute the stuffing.
Put the cake in the fridge.

Fashion Zebra Cake (8)

Start to roll up sugar paste till getting a thin sheet.

Fashion Zebra Cake (12)

Take back the cake.
Whip up cream and use it to frost the cake.

Fashion Zebra Cake (13)

With a rolling pin, lift the sheet and place it onto the cake.
Gently smooth it to remove any bubble air and any fold.

Fashion Zebra Cake (15)

Cut away the extra paste.

Fashion Zebra Cake (16)

Roll up the second color (black for me) sugar paste, still very thin.
Cut slightly wavy stripes, with different length and shape, like zebra stripes.

Fashion Zebra Cake (10)

Lightly wet the black stripes with some water and stick them to the cake. Do not place them too parallel within each other, to create a natural pattern.

Fashion Zebra Cake (17)

If you want to, you can add little balls of a third, contrasting color around the base of the cake.
Refrigerate the cake till the eleventh hour.

Fashion Zebra Cake
Fashion Zebra Cake (18)


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