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Hi everybody!
I’m Misya, aka Flavia Imperatore, I’m 34 years old, married to Ivano and mother to Elisa. I live in Naples, love travelling, good food and great company.
I’ve been approaching to cooking just in the last years, by chance. Till 2007 my big number used to be pasta with tomato sauce, and that thanks to the sauces made by my mum. Than, something happened: I was at my (at that time) boyfriend Ivano (now my husband) and we were longing for some pizza. And I decided, instead of calling for home delivery, to make it by myself. I made some research on the Internet for something easy. Thanks to the very satisfying result I got and to Ivano’s encouragement, I started to make every day something new, and we decided to write everithing down on a virtual diary, a blog, hoping that it could be useful for somebody that, like me, is new to cooking and wants to try.
I’ve never stopped since then, and I keep trying new dishes to bring at table and surprise my husband and family. And I always take pictures and note down, so that I can share them on my blog.
My blog in not just a recipe book, but more of a cooking diary, where I note down the recipes I try every day, and I also tell myself, accompanying every recipe with anecdotes on my life.
You’ll find recipes of the cooking tradition of my life: during the first years, my mum and grandma have been my teachers and guides. You’ll also find recipes from cookbooks, magazines and other food blogs. But they all have a common background: they’re super-tested, as before posting a recipe on my blog I always make it myself, I take pictures and note everything down accurately.

In 2011 I contributed for “La Prova del Cuoco” magazine, with a monthly column on international cooking.
Since 2012, my blog is among the official partners of Food section of Donnamoderna.com
Since 2013 every 2 weeks you can find one of my recipes on the column “Cucina Vista Mare”, on Donna Moderna magazine.
On September 2013 my first cookbook was published “I Menù di Misya”, issued by Mondadori Electa, a joint work with Donnamoderna.com
On December 2013 I took part in a web series for donnamoderna.tv channel.
On March 2014 I partecipated in a CookingShow in Bologna creative edition.