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Frozen Yogurt is a fresh dessert, similar to ice cream but lighter and slighty sourer. It is a healthy dessert, with a low calorie content, and very easy to make. You can also make it without an ice-cream machine, and you can top it according to your taste. I propose you 2 different versions: chocolate topping with smarties, and sour cherries in syrup. Yum!
Weel, after this second recipe I can close it all and go home 😉
Have a nice afternoon, kisses!

Ingredients for 2 servings:
250 g of Greek yogurt order misoprostol
order Levitra online 50 ml of milk
2 tbsp of maple syrup
sour cherries in syrup
chocolate Cheap Lamisil

Preparation Time: 10 min
Total Time: 10 min + 4 hours in the freezer

How to make Frozen Yogurt

With a hand-held mixer, blend together yogurt, milk and maple syrup.

Frozen Yogurt  2

Put the mixture in a low-side container and store in the freezer for about 4 hours.

Frozen Yogurt  3

Every 30 minutes, stir it to break up the ice crystals.

Frozen Yogurt  4

Once the 4 hours have elapsed, divide it in pieces and put it in the ice-cream maker or in a mixer to break up ice crystals.

Frozen Yogurt  6

Then whisk it till getting an even mixture.

Frozen Yogurt  8
Frozen Yogurt  9

Now divide your Frozen Yogurt into small bowls.

Frozen Yogurt  10

Decorate with fresh fruit, or chocolate topping, or anything you like, and serve.

Frozen Yogurt 11
Frozen Yogurt

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Frozen Yogurt
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Frozen Yogurt

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