Green Cake, that is to say the sweet spinach cake posted by Nikolina Karakoleva in FB group “Le ricette di Misya” intrigued me from the beginning, but I waited for a while before making it: I’d have liked to make it as a birthday cake, but I was afraid of the skepticism of my family. Anyway, last Friday it was my mom’s birthday, and, as usual, I would make the cake… She didn’t make any request, I didn’t ask for suggestion… and decided to make spinach cake and not to reveal the secret ingredient till after tasting. Well, after receiving compliments by all of the 15 people around the table, I revealed that the bright green color was due to spinach… Ahahah, you can’t imagine their faces, among incredulous and amosed! As Ely would have said… nice joke!
Well, guys, if you’d like to make an unusual cake, make this one: it’s very good, spectacular, and even easy to make!
Kisses and have a good week beginning!

Ingredients for a 24 cm cake pan
200 g of spinach puliti
200 ml of seed oil
200 g of sugar
4 eggs
400 g of pastry flour
1 packet of baking powder
1 tsp of vanilla essence

for the stuffing:
500 ml of whipping cream
buy Proscar Buy Sildenafil 500 g of strawberries
2 tbsp of sugar

Preparation Time: 50 min
Baking Time: 40 min
Total Time: 1 hour and 30 min + 2 hours in the fridge

How to make Green Cake

Boil spinach.

torta pasqualina 1

Once cooked, squeeze them and blend them with oil.

Green cake 1

Green cake 2

Whisk eggs and sugar till frothy.

Green cake 4

Add spinach to eggs while still whisking.

Green cake 7

Green cake 8

Add in flour, baking powder and vanilla essence.

Green cake 9

You’ll get a thick and smooth mixture.

Green cake 10

Pour it into a greased and floured pan, and bake for 40 minutes in oven pre-heated at 180°C.

Green cake 11

Take out of the oven and let cool down.

Green cake 12

Rinse strawberries and cut them in pieces, then add sugar and let rest.

Green cake 16

Meanwhile, horizontally cut the cake into 3 equal layers.

Green cake 14

Scrape some crumbles from all the 3 layers and put them aside.

Green cake 15

Green cake 23

Whip cream up.

Mousse alle fragole 4

Now let’s assemble the cake.
Place the first layer on a platter, cover it with half of strawberries and 1/3 of their syrup.

Green cake 18

Spread some whipped cream over it.

Green cake 19

Place another cake layer, and cover it with the remaining strawberries, half of the remaining syrup, and whipped cream.

Green cake 20

Soak the last layer with the remaining syrup, then use it to top the cake. Slightly press it, to evenly distribute the stuffing.

Green cake 21

Frost the cake with the remaining whipped cream.

Green cake 22

Cover the whole surface with the cake crumbles you’d put aside.

Zithromax online Green cake 24

Decorate with fresh strawberries, then refrigerate for a few hours before serving.

Green cake


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Green Cake
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