In this section you will find all recipes to plan the menu for your Halloween party. Pumpkin is the ruling ingredient, together with anything remind to orange color, one of the symbols of the feast. You can surely take your pick as regards pumpkin recipes, from appetizers to desserts!

As regards dessert recipes, you can definitely take your pick, as any dessert can be decorated according to Halloween theme. You can make cut-off finger cookies, with shortbread pastry, or use sugar paste and make spiders, ghosts and bats to decorate cakes and cupcakes.

They say Halloween feast was originally connected to sowing and harvest rites, to changes of seasons and to the ancestral fears bound to agriculture. Even though Halloween is usually considered as an American feast, its ancient origin seems actually to be Celtic.

For your Halloween party you could, for instance, make some jack-o’-lanterns, or prepare a welcome cocktail with a Bloody Mary with some radishes carved to look like eyeballs… In this section you’ll find many tips to plan a super-spooky Halloween party!

Here you can find many recipes to choose and plan the menu for your Halloween party, or you could just choose to go to the list of Halloween recipes!