History of Valentine’s Day

History of Valentine’s Day is based on the vicissitudes of the patron saint of Terni, vicissitudes surrounded by several legends.
Saint Valentine was a martyr Roman bishop, venerated by Catholic Church, Church of England, and Orthodox Church.
Valentine’s Day, on February 14th, is celebrated all over the world, but was born in Italy and then spread to France and England.
In order to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the most popular custom in Anglo-Saxon countries is exchanging “valentine”, greeting cardsfull with symbols like hearts, winged Cupid, and doves.
As I’ve wrote, history of Saint Valentine, as patron of lovers, rests on several legends… Here you have some of them:

  • The first legend about history of Valentine’s Day tells that Valentine, attached to his jailer’s young daughter (to whom he had restored sight by a miracle), before being beheaded sent her a farewell message, signed “Your Valentine”. Wherefrom the usual phrases for the occasion, like “Be my Valentine”.
  • The second legend of history of Valentine’s Day Storia di San Valentino is connected to a rose…
    Some day Valentine saw two boyfriend arguing, and gave them a rose, inviting them to hold it together and praying the Lord so that their love would last forever. They walked away reconciled, and came back to him, in a second moment, to ask Valentine to bless their wedding.
  • The third legend of Valentine’s Day is about Sabinus, a Roman centurion, who fell in love with Serapia.
    Sabinus being of pagan religion, her parents refused to permit the marriage. So she suggested him to go to bishop Valentine to approach Christianity and receive baptism. During preparation for baptism and following marriage, Serapia got TB, so Sabinus asked Valentine not to be parted from the girl, now dying. Before the girl died, Velentine baptized Sabinus and married them. As soon as he blessed their marriage, they passed away, together, at this point close forever.

In a word, true history of Valentine’s Day is kind of shrouded in mistery, midway between fact and legend, with a common factor: ethernal love, that we celebrate every year on February 14th!