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With Homemade Tortellini I’ve at last inaugurated my new pasta roller: I was utterly thrilled at the prospect of using it, and I decided to start from the best-known Italian (Emilian) stuffed pasta, Tortellini, a sort of dumplings famous all over the world. I must say I’ve had some difficulties to understand how to close them. I even turned to the girls I work with, for a piece of advice. After discoursing for a while, they actually started trying with me 🙂 I made a tweak to the original recipe: I didn’t use mortadella. But I cooked them in the traditional way, in a meat broth. Delicious! Now that I’ve got the picture and I can easily close them, I’d like to make them for Christmas lunch, if we won’t be many people, at my parents’ house. I could involve somebody in it, to unburden myself… I wonder if I’ll find some altruistic people 😉
I’m really in a rush, so I’ll leave you to the recipe, kisses to everyone and enjoy your weekend 🙂

Ingredients for 4 servings:
For the pasta dough
200 g of pastry flour Order Clonidine Online
2 eggs

For the stuffing
100 g of pork loin
10 g of butter
100 g of raw ham
1 egg
50 g of parmesan cheese, grated

Preparation Time: purchasing Plavix 1 hour
Cooking Time: cheap Propranolol 20 min.
Total Time: 1 hour and 20 min.

How to make Homemade Tortellini

Cut the meat into pieces, taking off the exceeding fat.
1 ripieno tortellini

Melt the butter in a nonsticky pan, and fry the meat for a couple of minutes on a high heat, then lower the heat to medium and cook for a dozen minutes.
2 ripieno tortellini

Put in a mixer meat, ham, parmesan, salt, pepper, nutmeg.
3 ripieno tortellini

Blend together, thenn incorporate the egg.

5 ripieno tortellini

Meanwhile, prepare the pasta dough.
Mound the flour in a bowl or on a clean surface, make a well in the middle and put the eggs inside.
6 tortellini

Start incorporating the eggs with your fingertips. Keep kneading till you get a smooth, elastic dough.
You can also use a kneader, as I did.

7 tortellini

Make a ball and let it rest for about 15 minutes, covered.
8 tortellini

Put the dough on the floured pastry board and cut it in 2-3 pieces.
Slightly flatten them with a rolling pin, then run the dough (one piece at a time!) through the pasta roller on progressively thinner settings. Start by setting your pasta machine to the thickest setting and feed it through the pasta roller. Fold the piece of dough in half and feed it through next setting of the pasta roller. Keep this proceeding, changing the settings on your roller to roll the pasta thinner and thinner.

10 tortellini

Put the pasta sheets on a floured surface, spreading some additional flour between the sheets.
11 tortellini

Cut every sheet in squares (roughly 3-cm by 3-cm).
Put half a teaspoon of stuffing in the middle of each square.
13 tortellini

Dip your finger in some water, run it along two edges of the square, then fold the square into a triangle, pressing tightly to seal.
Fold the pocket of filling upward, toward the peak of the triangle. Draw the bottom two corners of the triangle together. Press tightly to seal (you can better understand by looking at the picture).
14 tortellini

Repeat with the remaining pieces of dough, putting your Tortellini on a well-floured surface.

Cook your Homemade Tortellini in the meat broth (bring the broth to a boil, then add the Tortellini a few at a time), for about 15 minutes (it depends on the thickness of your pasta sheet, taste one to check for doneness).
Sprinkle with plenty of parmesan and serve.
tortellini in brodo

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