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Goodmorning guys!
A bit in advance on my schedule, today I’m glad and proud to announce the release of my new book (unfortunately only available in Italian), I menu di Misya vol.2, published by Mondadori Electa. Starting from today, it’s available in all the bookstores, and online on buy Valtrex Mondadoristore Generic Topamax buy Mebendazole , Amazon, Feltrinelli, etc.
This new cookbook has the same format as the first one, but with a completely new graphic and a slightly more personal approach.
This time I realized 80 new recipes just to put them in the new book, divided into 16 menus for special guests, from friends who arrive unexpectedly, at the last minute, to the supper with your mother-in-law, from the birthday buffet to a menu dedicated to kids… I also inserted a menu for my celiac friends and one for vegetarian guests 😉 All the recipes have step-by-step pictures and are preceded by a short personal anecdote, just like in my blog. The chapter inroductions as well contain a few pics and a short story.
This book, after 1 year and a half from the first one, completely absorbed me and my stuff from last september to december. This time I had very clear ideas, and I devoted myself to it, in order to get to create a cookbook truely reflecting my blog and myself.
I’m sorry I left you in the dark during all these months, but, as you know, I tend to ward off ill-luck in these cases. But I was waiting for the right moment to tell you the great news. And here it is!
Thank you for the support and the affection you give me everyday. Thank you for appreciating my first work and so for giving me the possibility to create this second one.
If I look backwards, I still cannot believe the how far I’ve arrived, starting from a simple diary where I noted down my messy experiments in the kitchen…
So, cut the cackle! I leave you a pic of cover and the link to a short video we made to ironically (not too, actually!) how I created my book 😉
If you will ever buy my book, please let me know what you think, I hope you will appreciate it 😉

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I menu di Misya 2
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I menu di Misya 2

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