Almond Flour, or almond meal, or ground almond, is made from ground sweet almonds. Almond flour is usually made with peeled almonds, whereas almond meal can be made both with whole or peeled almonds. You can also make it at home, using a food processor: yuou’ll get a kind of an oily flour. Of course your flour will always be of higher quality than packaged flour, as industry use to ground inferior almonds too. Almonds are famous for their nutritional value, but they have high levels of fats too, and so is its flour.

In cooking, Almond Flour is used to enrich baked dessert or, combined with sugar, to make almond paste, excellent to decorate cakes or making beverages. Among the best-known recipes with Almond Flour, we have marzipan. But you can also make almond cookies, just combining this flour with sugar, egg whites and some whole almonds, or some candied fruits. Almond brittle is another delicacy you can make: we use to make it at Christmas time.


Fun fact: to make Almond Flour at home, peel almonds (boil them briefly and dry them: it will be super-easy to peel them off). Queste vanno tostate con un mortaio insieme a un po’d’acqua fino a quando non si ottiene una pasta omogenea.

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