Amaretto is a sweet, almond-flavoured liquor, born in the city of Saronno, in Northern Italy.

Its origin dates back to XVI centory. They use to say the painter Bernardino Luini was fascinated by a landlady and asked her to pose for him. In return, she gave him a sort of alcoholic beverage made with herbs, brown sugar, bitter almonds and brandy. It was a hit, and the liquor spread around the whole city in no time.

Nowaday, Amaretto di Saronno is amongst the symbols of made in Italy products, thanks to the quality of its ingredient.

Amaretto is also a great ingredient for cocktails and desserts. Among the best-known recipes, there are: caramel coffee (made with amaretto, caramel, brandy and coffee)and amaretto pears (baked pears stuffed with cookies, amaretto and honey). Of course, since it is not a distillated liquor, you could make it at home, just like limoncello or nocino.

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