Amaretti (singular: amaretto) di Saronno are ancient cookies: born in Italy during Middle Ages, they spread around Europe and Arabian countries. Besides Italians (above all in Lombary), also French and Basque people got to master the art of making Amaretti.

Amaretti are a kind of macaroons made with almond paste, sugar, egg whites, and crushed apricot kernels and (bitter and sweet) almonds. These are the base ingredients of the original recipe, but different version spread around Mediterranean countries.

In Arabian cooking, for instance, they created a dry version. Ao, very soon, recipes with amaretti spread in Sicily, then in Spain, and finally in France. This, thanks to pilgrims and monasteries: these dry cookies could be stored for a long time without going bad. Nowadays, some pastry-makers even add to the dough milk, honey and baking powder.

Funb fact: there are two main types of amaretti: Amaretto di Saronno, crispy and crunchy, and amaretto Sassello, a kind of marzipan, much softer.

Both version are round-shaped and have a cracked surface and an intense taste.

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