Anchovies (Engraulidae) are a family of small, common salt-water fish.

Anchovies are small, slender fish with V-shaped caudal fin. They range from 2 to 40 cm (0.79 to 15.75 in) in adult length. They are green fish with blue reflections due to a silver-colored longitudinal stripe.

They are widespread in Norwey and South Africa, ma also around Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea.

In cooking you can use them in many ways, but you need to pay an extra attention about cleaning them. First and foremost, wash them: it’s better if you do that in a bowl with water and vinegar, instead of washing under running water. Then, with a sharp knife, cut off head and remove guts. Now you can use your anchovies for your recipe.

Fun fact: a recent research has proven that Anchovies have healthy unsaturated fats that lower inflammation and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Besides, they have low-calory content, so they’re perfect if you’re on a diet.

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