Baileys Irish Cream, trademark currently owned by Diageo, is a well-known Irish whiskey and cream based liqueur with a declared content of 17% alcohol. It is Baileys is produced in Dublin. It was firstly introduced on the market in 1974. It has a quite creamy texture, and taste recalls caramel. The greatest part of ingredients come from Ireland. Irish feesh milk is added to Irish whiskey, then cocoa, vanilla, caramel and sugar are added. Aging varies from 24 to 30, in barrels far from sunlight, at a temperature from 0 to 25°C (32-77 °F).

In cooking, Baileys is used as a dessert liqueur, but also to make cocktails, like frozen Baileys, Irish Carbomb, or B55. Or even to make Baileys coffee or Baileys muffins. It can also be used as a gist, to donate to your host when invited to dinner.

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