Baker’s Yeast is a yeast of the species “Saccharomices cerevisiae”, important in baking as inducing fermentation. It contains a lot of essential amino acids, minerals and proteins. It is considered the most complete source of vitamins of B group. You can buy Solitamente รจ usato disidratato o fresco.

In cooking, Brewer’s Yeast is essential for leavened doughs. For example, pizzas, focaccias, fritters… You can buy both fresh and dry, even though fresh one is most common. Sometimes it may have some mold patches, but if it crumbles nicely, you can still use it, just removing the patches. To store it longer, put it in the freezer.

Fun fact: Baker’s Yeast, besides being useful for many recipes, can also help pur body. Liver and skin may take much advantage from its detox action. Actually, dermatologists sometimes suggest to use it to treat acne. It also helps fingernails and heir, that may become stronger and helthier. Negative point: some people can develop yeast intolerance or even allergy.