Bamboo Shoots, come from a perennial evergrin plant of Poaceae family.

According to the species of Bamboo they are harvested from, they can can be different in size and texture. The toughest ones are usually used to make dried Bamboo Shoots, whereas the most tender shoots are sold fresh or canned. Depending on the species and the local climate, they can be harvested through the whole year.

Besides great to enrich our dishes, Bamboo Shoots also are a beneficial ingredient, It has a very low content of fat and calories, but quite rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and protein. They also contain some amino acids that may contribute to stimulate the methabolism.

These edible shoots are very appreciated in eastern cuisines. In order to cooke them, you first need to choose and clean. Only pick them heavy and firm, peel off the tough skin, and cut off the root end. Put them in a pot of water, bring to a boil, and let simmer until they are tender (about an hour). Let them cool down, and finally peel off any remaining skin. Now you can use them for your delicious recipes.

Here in Italy you can find precooked and canned Bamboo Shoots in the best-stocked shops. They have a sort of crunchy consistency, and a mild and yet quite distinctive taste.