Beans are large plant seeds of the family Leguminosae, contained in pods, that may differ as regards length and color. They may be yellow, green, black, or purple in color, 8–20 cm (3–8 in) long, containing 4–6 beans each.

Beans have been domesticated since pre-Columbian times. In ancient Egypt, they were deposited with the dead.

In cooking, we can use several varieties of beans: borlotti beans, red beans, adzuki beans, pinto beans, white beans… Among the most tasty recipes in Mediterranean cuisine, we have Italian pasta and beans, a first course with seasoned with onion, celery and tomato.

Somebody, above all kids, doesn’t like whole beans, that’s why many moms use to mash them, making a sort of cream, which may be used to make tasty croquettes.

Fun fact: beans are quite high in protein, complex carbohydrates, but also in mineral salts, in vitamins A, B and C, and also in lecitine, that may help lower blood cholesterol.

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