Beef, here in Italy, refers to meat from adult cattle. Versus veal, Beef has a higher content of fat. To choose a high-quality piece of meat, check its elasticity. Beef is divided into different grades of quality, as the meat becomes more tender as distance from hoof and horn increases. The animal’s legs and neck muscles are the toughest parts, since they do the most work. About beef cuts, we have: sirloin, tenderloin, bottom sirloin, rib, fore shank, brisket, sirloin, chuck, shank…

In cooking, you can make roast beef in the oven. Liquid is not usually added, but you need to brush the meat with its own fat during cooking. You can also make beef with wine and walnuts, or stew it with potatoes and green peas.

Fun fact: beef is high in iron, but in fat too, that’s why we shouldn’t eat it too often. It also contains zinc, selenium, phosphorus and B vitamins.

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