Black Olives, or ripe olives, are a variant of the fruit of olive tree.

On the market, you can find different types of black olives. Greek olives are quite big and dark-colored, with purple shades, processed with fermentation, in brine with vinegar. Sun-dried (or oven-dried) Black Olives, looking wizened. Pickled Black Olives, quita small and dark, soaked in brine with some herbs. They can be seasoned with salt and herbs, like hot pepper, onion, oregano, thyme, fennel, orange, lemon… Olives from Gaeta, kept in water for a few days, then in salt for one day, and again in water for 40 more days. And, of course, also many others.

In cooking, Black Olives are used above alla for dishes with hot sauces or salads in season. Among the many tasty recipes, there are, for example, savory muffins with provola cheese and cherry tomatoes, or black olive pâté, a mixture of mashed olives and herbs.

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