Bread Crumbs, or breadcrumbs, a product derived from pulverized dry bread, is very used in Italian (and not only) cooking culture. You can buy it ready, or make it at home. Just cut bread and let it dry in a paper bag, then blend it with a food processor. You can store it in a glass pot. There is another variety of Bread Crumbs, made from bread that is not completely dry, producing larger and softer crumbs.

In cooking, Bread Crumbs is used for a large variety of dishes. For example, baked breaded fish, or cous cous balls with vegetables. But, also, Neapolitan potato gateau, an amazing savory potato cake.

Fun fact: if you unexpectedly need Bread Crumbs and have no bread, you can use crackers, or breadsticks, or zwieback. Or, even, semolina or corn flour.

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