Bresaola is aged salted beef, typical of Valtellina, a valley in Lombardy Alps. Its name comes from the word of Lombard dialect bresada, meaning braised, as in ancient times they used to dry the meat by means of braziers.

Bresaola is made with very lean and tender meat. It has a mild and slightly musky smell. If you buy it sliced, you should eat it within a couple of days, storing it in a closed container in the fridge, meanwhile.

In cooking, it is considered a very light cold cut, among low-calorie food. It can be used for salads, or even for paninis, instead of ham. But we have countless of possible uses, amongst first and second courses, or even starters.

Fun fact: Bresaola is highly nourishing. It contains iron, proteins, mineral salts and vitamins. So, it is the best cold cut for athletes.

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