Brie cheese is a soft cow’s milk cheese, only aged for a few weeks, produced French region of the same name. It has a characteristic whitish rind of mold, result of a special treatment: it is inoculated with cheese mold, Penicillium candidum, inoffensive for humas.

The first recordings about Brie go back to XI century, in Notre-Dame de Jouarre abbey. It’s likely the place where it was first produced.

In cooking, Brie is often served alone, as a second course, to be spread on bread, or as an appetizer, with more cheeses and cold cuts. But there are many recipes with Brie as an ingredient. First and foremost, crêpe recipes. Here in Italy we often use it in first courses, with pasta, or to make focaccias.

Fun fact: Brie region, where this cheese is produced, is 50 km from Paris. In early ’80s, Brie cheese got the prestigious AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, controlled designation of origin, similar to Italian DOC) denomination.



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