Caciotta is an Italian cheese, mainly produced in the central regions of Italy, usually from sheeps’ milk. There are many variants in the different regions, but Caciotta has always a cylindrical shape and produced with ancien, traditional methods, with a brief aging period of about a month.

In cooking, Caciotta can be used as a second course, or in paninis for a picnic, or among other cheeses as appetizer. But it can also be a great ingredient for baked pasta, as it is very tasty and gets nicely stringy. A great and tasty recipe with Caciotta is fusilli with herbs.

Fun fact: besides the regional variants of Caciotta, there are also version with herbs and spices addition. For example, there is hot pepper Caciotta in Campania, onion and truffle Caciotta in Umbria, or tomato Caciotta in Tuscany.