Candied Cherries, or maraschino cherries, are a type of preserved cherry, sweetened with a sugar syrup. Originally, they were born as a Dalmatian means of preserving the fruit with maraschino liquor. In XIX century they became a delicacy for royalty in XIX century, as they were scarce and expensive. Anyway, during Prohibition in the first decades of XX century, alcoholic preservation became illegal, and a new method had to be found. So, nowaday, they only keep the noun of maraschino.

To make Candied Cherries you need first to make a syrup by boiling water and sugar. Then you can add the cherries, not too ripe, and make boil again. After cooling down for a half day, it must boil again, and then cool down for another half day. Repeat again for two more times. Then you cank drain the fruit from the syrup, and let dry on a grate. After a few days, you can sprinkle them with the syrup, and let them dry for 72 hours. Then you can store the Candied Cherries in glass pots, previously sterilized.

Among the tastiest recipes with Candied Cherries, there is loaf cake with apples and blueberry jam, perfect for a yummy breakfast.

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