Candied Fruit, or crystallized fruit, or glacé fruit, comes from one of the most ancient methods to rpeserve food, already known to the ancient cultures of China and Mesopotamia. They actually used to store with sugar meat and fish too. But the first to bring candied fruit to the table, considering it like a dessert, were Arabs. Then, with Arab domination, candied fruit spread into Europe too. In Italy, it soon became an important ingredient in pastry making, above all in Sicily and Lombardy.

In cooking, Candied Fruit is very easy to make, and quite inexpensive too. That’s why they used to be among the most common ingredients for our grannies’ cakes. Today, besides being used as a dessert ingredient, they are also eaten simple. One of the best-known recipes is Sicilian cannoli, a kind of cylindrical cookie filled with a sweet ricotta filling.

Fun fact: if you need candied fruit for some dessert and you don’t have any at home, you can make it. Supreme an orange, cut the zest into julienne strips. Make a syrup with 4 teaspoon of water and 100 gr of sugar, add the zest and let reduce.