Cannelloni, meaning large reeds, is a typical Italian food, quite famous in the rest of the world too. Here in Italy we call Cannelloni both the pasta shape and the dish. In the rest of the world they often use the singular word, cannellone, to refer to the dish. Also, the pasta shape is often referred to as “manicotti” o “maniche”, meaning sleeves.

Anyway, Cannelloni or manicotti, they have a typical cylindrical shape, and are usually filled with ground meat and mozzarella, topped with tomato sauce and/or béchamel sauce, and then baked. Of course, you can use the ingredients you prefer, both for the filling and the topping. In Italy, they are mainly common in Emilia Romagna and in Campania, but you’ll find them in the rest of Italy as well.

The original version of this pasta shape was from lasagna sheets, filled and then rolled up in the cylindrical shape. The best-know recipes with Cannelloni, usually foresee some ragu sauce and a meat filling, but you can also make them, for example, with béchamel sauce and spinach filling, or with the ingredients you prefer.

Most people around the world can’t cook our famous “pasta al dente”. Pasta should be cooked in a large pot of boiling salted water, at a rolling boil, following the cooking time reported on the package, and drained when still a little firm, not mushy. According to what nutritionists say, Pasta al dente is much more digestible.

Fun fact: abroad, they usually call Cannelloni are often referred to as “manicotti” o “maniche”, meaning sleeves.

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