Capparis spinosa is a plant best known for the edible flower buds, Capers, and fruit, caper berries, both stored and eaten salted and pickled.

Capparis spinosa is present in almost all the Mediterranean countries, but we don’t know for sure if it is native to this region. It is a perennial winter plant, with fleshy leaves and large flowers, with color ranging from white to pale pinkish. Its buds are a dark olive green and about the size of a corn kernel.

In cooking, they are use for first courses, second courses, and side dishes as well. They are really much used in Italian cuisine, especially in Sicily and other southern regions. For example, they are also used to season pizza, usually combined with anchovies! They are also great combined with evo oil and garlic. A famous dish with Capers is Vitell tonnè, veal with tuna sauce.

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