Caprino Cheese is an Italian cheese made from goat’s milk. Its name derives from the Italian word capra, meaning goat..

Caprino Cheese production process involve milk coagulation thanks to whey addition. Then the curd is put in molds and left to dry. Finally it is salted and allowed to age.

Caprino Cheese can be fresco (fresh) or stagionato (aged). Caprino Fresco, aged just for a couple of days, has a soft and creamy texture. It usually is round- or cylindrical-shaped, and is often wrapped in paper. Caprino Stagionato, aged for about a month, is has a tougher texture abd a tangier flavor. It is square or marshmallow shaped, and has a thin outer rind

In cooking, Caprino Cheese is great with vegetable dishes, or just with some herbs and spices. Today, in many restaurant, it is served with honey. But it can also be used for first courses or as an appetizer. For example, there is the recipe to make risotto with speck and Caprino Cheese.

Fun fact: nowaday, Caprino Cheese is more often produced from cow’s milk, or from a combination of both goat’s milk and cow’s milk.

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